Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD) Treatments

We are the Experts in Lymphatic Treatments

At Wellspring, all of our massage therapists are specially trained and certified in manual lymphatic drainage as well as port surgical lymphatic drainage. 



With training from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies(ACOLS), our therapists know how to skillfully approach each patient and their unique needs in post-surgical recovery, boosting the immune system, and the many other benefits that come along with Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Lymphatic FAQ

  • The lymphatic system is responsible for removing the swelling from tissues but it is a very slow process. Getting lymphatic treatments after surgery hastens healing and can quickly reduce swelling.
  • Swelling is a normal process that occurs after a surgical procedure, however, it can lead to discomfort, pain, and slow down healing if the swelling is not properly addressed.
  • Anyone who had a recent surgery including cosmetic, orthopedic, and gynecologic surgeries and procedures. 
  • Athletes wanting faster recovery 
  • Anyone who has poor circulation, chronic swelling, or on long term medication use that causes fluid retention
  • Women who struggle with PMS or PMDD, bloating, water retention
  • Those who suffer with insomnia

No. Physically “draining” fluid out of incisions is not legal and is not in the scope or practice for massage therapists in AZ.  The word “drainage” in Manual Lymphatic Drainage is referring to the dumping of lymphatic fluid into the cardiovascular system. 

While getting lymphatic treatment, you should never be in pain. The pressure is very light in order to manipulate the fluid into a particular direction. With too much pressure which could cause pain, the fluid will be dispersed into the incorrect direction decreasing the efficacy of the treatment.

  • Most surgeons recommend that patients get their first lymphatic within the first week after a surgical procedure to decrease swelling and pain. 
    • If you received a lipo 360 or lipo 360 with transfer, your first treatment should be scheduled for two days after your procedure.
    • If you received lipo of the chin, thighs, or arms, the first treatment should be scheduled for the day after the procedure.
    • If you had an orthopedic procedure, be sure to ask your surgeon when would be the best time for your first appointment but we generally recommend on days 2-5 for your first treatment

Timing and frequency of your lymphatic treatments will be determined by your physician but most commonly, patients come to see us within the first week of their procedure and will get treatments several times per week

  • Duration of treatments are patient specific depending on the amount of swelling and pain. Sessions range from 30 minutes for smaller areas to an hour and a half for those who have lots of swelling or several areas affected. 

Red Light Therapy

Wellspring also offers BIOMAX Red Light Therapy, which has been clinically proven to enhance tissue healing at the cellular level. Studies show decreased inflammation, improved skin quality and enhanced collagen production with exposure to Red Light. Each post-op appointment includes individualized lymphatic drainage followed by red light therapy. 

We combine tools such as red light therapy, ultrasound and lymphatic cupping to decrease fibrotic tissue, improve the look of scars, help boost your metabolism and promote healing.